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Rely upon certified accountants. Ensure your company’s financial security, optimize costs and lower taxes.

You can hire a company accountant or even a few. Train them, pay for their holidays, bear high costs of employment and… complain about efficiency.
But you can also opt out of own accounting – entrust it to an accountant with the Ministry of Finance license to provide bookkeeping services and compulsory third party liability insurance.

Outsourced company accountancy means convenience and savings

You stop thinking about changing rules, keeping your accountants up to date, keeping your settlements in order and having them ready in time. This is no longer your problem.

We sign a contract, you grant us the power of attorney and our accountants take care of everything. You just make sure that on the account there is the amount resulting from settlements. And you can fully devote to the development of your business.

Full accountancy for 1/10 of regular price

Paying 10 times less than a full-time accountant would cost you, you get in the package:

  • bookkeeping in accordance with the Accounting Act and revenue and expense ledger,
  • preparing the calculation of the monthly advances for income tax, VAT settlement and monthly tax declarations in accordance with applicable regulations, as well as the annual income tax return and financial statements in accordance with the provisions of the Accounting Act,
  • preparing summary information and reports required by the Polish National Bank and Central Statistical Office,
  • representing your company in offices,
  • preparing reports for the management board, supervisory board, shareholders, etc.,
  • assisting in the course of tax audits and examining the company by statutory auditors,
  • leading the company through the process of liquidation.

What’s more, if you move your accounts to us, we will make sure that everything is in proper order: we will correct and remove errors that arose at an earlier stage.

Your benefits:

  • Save money.
  • Save time and limit your commitment.
  • Optimize costs – you receive necessary information every month.
  • Provide tax security and a stable base to your business.
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