Legal Consultations

Delegate to us all you want to settle in a law firm. Civil and commercial law has no secrets for us!

You need a legal counsel or a law firm?
Do you want quickly and without too much involvement introduce changes in the company?
Are you looking for a lawyer who could give you legal consultation or could represent you in front of the shareholders or in court?

If you need legal consultation because you are going to:

  • negotiate an agreement with a partner, members of the management ¬†board or customers,
  • to protect your interests in the company,
  • prepare or sign a management contract,
  • create a company branch or representative office,
  • change the legal form of your business,
  • terminate your activity and liquidate the company,

trust our experience and our team of lawyers and legal advisers.
Contact us also when you need legal advice on civil and economic law, legal analysis and advice, legal assistance on all aspects of labor law, regulations between the company and its management board members and its managementteam, the non-competition law, labor law in the European Union.

Contact us when you want a lawyer or a legal counsel to represent you in court and administrative proceedings or during the negotiations.

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