HR and payroll

Find out for yourself that outsourcing of HR and Payroll really pays off!

Do you consider reducing labor costs in your company? Start by giving HR and Payroll to an external firm. This is, in addition to outsourced bookkeeping, popular way to savings. You can streamline and improve all aspects connected
with the labor law, payroll calculation and settlement, levies and insurances.

Choose HR and Payroll outsourcing. Transfer to us your HR and Payroll departments

This is convenient especially when you run a company which operates in Polish and foreign markets, or when you want to open a branch office in Poland. Polish wage systems differ from foreign ones and may be more complex. Transferring your payroll to us, you no longer have to worry about this.

Deciding to outsource your HR and Payroll, you get a guarantee of getting the following services:

  • payroll calculation and preparing payroll for staff employed under employment contracts, contract of commission or work order,
  • preparation of monthly reports and declarations for the Social Insurance and Tax offices,
  • determining entitlements and calculating sickness, health, family and other due benefits,
  • calculation of employee income tax deductions,
  • preparation of contracts and other legal and civil agreements,
  • consultation and preparation of terminations of the employment contracts,
  • settling working time,
  • keeping records of working time and holidays,
  • keeping HR documentation of employees.
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