Revenue and Expense Ledger

You take care of your company, we will take care of your revenue and expense ledger. Flawlessly and cheaper than you think!

Do you run a one person company or a small business and settle your accounts by revenue and expense ledger?
If you prefer to avoid mistakes and, consequently, financial penalties, because you do not know how to run revenue and expense ledger well enough…
If you don’t know how to enter particular components: costs, income, advances, levies, etc., what to declare in specific records…
decide to have your ledger run by specialists from ReadyMade.

We’ll do it for you. In electronic form, flawlessly and cheaper than you think.

Your benefits:

By entrusting us to carry your company’s revenue and expense ledger you get rid of stress and onerous duties. You gain security, certainty that your accounts are correct, peace and precious time, because:

  • we represent you before the authorities on the basis of the power of attorney,
  • we serve fiscal controls,
  • we prepare all the necessary documentation: a tax and insurance declarations, etc.,
  • we provide documentation to the appropriate authorities,
  • we assist you in the preparation of civil contracts,
  • we advise on how to optimize taxes.
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