Special projects

You can count on us even in exceptional situations! What might be difficult for you, with us you can settle immediately.

Change of shareholders in the company, transfer of shares, increase or decrease of the initial capital, change in the management board or liquidation of the company…

You may find yourself in these unusual situations, when you run a company. They require a special approach, legal knowledge or conclusion of new agreements. Fortunately, with what is new for you, we deal with for years.

Drafting and reviewing contracts

If you want your interests to be best protected, commission us to draw up contracts or review them. You just specify the objectives and conditions… and come to sign the documents. All the rest is on our side.

Our specialists will prepare and deliver you an opinion on each contract, especially real estate agreements, agency agreements, computer programs contracts, etc.

We will provide a comprehensive service for:

  • changes in contracts and articles of association of the company relating to the share capital, powers of authorities and shareholders of the company, scope of the business activity, etc.,
  • negotiation and litigation arising from disputes between commercial companies and its shareholders (stockholders),
  • transactions with foreign customers, within the scope indicated by you,
  • acquisitions and mergers – transactions of M & A type, the purchase or sale of businesses or their components, transformations, divisions, transfers of shares (stocks), transfer of overall rights and obligations of shareholders,
  • restructuring of companies,
  • privatization and commercialization of companies,
  • sale of an organized part of the enterprise,
  • liquidation of companies.
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