Corporate Secretariat Services

Reduce spendings on management board office and guarantee yourself the highest quality of service!

How does your management board office works?

Do you want to make the functioning of your business more efficient and provide it a well-functioning secretariat, which could also perfectly deal with legal issues?
Do you also consider savings on the cost of the activities of such a secretariat?
Or maybe you do not want to have a secretariat in the company, because you think that outsourcing is more profitable?

It’s true. Keeping the modern corporate secretariat requires legal expertise and excellent knowledge of commercial law, and qualified in this area workers value their skills. So you can hire a lawyer for several thousand PLN… or delegate running the secretariat to ReadyMade specialists.

Thus you will reduce your monthly expenses and avoid the problems caused by oversights or mistakes made by employees without legal background.

Corporate Secretariat – secure your company’s professional management board office.

Choosing this service, you gain legal support, which you’ve never had so far, for incomparably less money. You pay less and you are sure that professionals take care of your company’s legal issues.

Entrusting us your corporate secretariat, you get:

  • Comprehensive legal services for your business, including registration and updating of data in existing Commercial Registry, as well as support in the case of liquidation of the company.
  • Preparation of documents – always  accurately and on time, in accordance with the applicable commercial law, and the subsequent storage of these documents.
  • Support of the organization of current company affairs: the organization of the required meetings of shareholders and the management board, participating in meetings under the power of attorney.
  • Assistance in the financial matters: the openingand operation ofbankaccounts,taxstructuring, approving thefinancial statements.
  • Preparing reports of legal research, preparation of ad-hoc projects, in accordance with the requirements of applicable Commercial Companies Code.
  • Legal assistance at the company transformation, mergers and consolidation with other entities.
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