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Buy a ready-made limited liability company in 2 h!

All the procedures mentioned by us can be completed remotely, on distance and without Client’s personal visit and participation in Poland.

In any case you are not able to visit us here in Warsaw, Poland to complete whole the paperwork and finalize any of the mentioned transaction we are happy to proceed on your behalf on the basis of the proper Power of Attorney, i.e. remotely, on distance and without your personal visit in Poland.

You want to quickly start a business in Poland but don’t have the time or desire to settle formalities connected with the establishment and registration of the company from scratch?
You can’t wait six weeks for the decisions of offices and for submitted documents to come into legal effect?
Or maybe you do not want to struggle with the difficulties that accompany the process of registering the company, and would prefer to pass by all the traps you may encounter? Or you just don’t like to be dependent on the sluggish officials?
The best solution is to buy a company that already exists.

Buy a ready-made company in Poland and start work the next day!

As soon as possible

Time need to prepare all the documents from the moment you let us know that you want to buy a company is just a few hours. After signing the documents, you become the owner automatically – you can act.

Safely, without any risk

When buying a ready-made company, you get a guarantee that it has no economic history or obligations to creditors.

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Fully comfortably

In our office, or at your seat, we agree on details and sign the contract. The next day you have a company which if necessary will be upgraded according to your needs.

A ready-made company you purchase is equipped with everything required by Polish law to conduct business:

  • the numbers necessary for running business: NIP, REGON, KRS and optionally VAT and VAT-UE,
  • address of the company (virtual office), if you do not have your own seat,
  • fully paid the minimum share capital of the company,
  • flexible partnership agreement, a broad classification of economic activities within company PKD (compliant with NACE),
  • open and fully activebank account in PLN, EUR, USD,
  • fully carriedaccounting books,
  • the financial statement prepared on the day of transfer of shares in the company,
  • all transfer documents required by the provisions of the Polish Commercial Companies Code, drawn up in order to properly and effectively transfer shares in the company,
  • other corporate documents required by the Polish Commercial Companies Code.

Your benefits:

  • You save time and you reduce costs associated with the establishment of the company, most of all you avoid expensive and time-consuming legal consultations.
  • You begin operations immediately, just after the acquisition of shares in the company.
  • You gain confidence that the company has no negative economic history and is free of any obligations. We guarantee it notarised.
  • You know the costs established at the beginning of cooperation – nothing will surprise you in this respect, no matter how complicated the actions preparing you for taking over the shares could be.
  • You can count on professional help in relations necessary for registration of SPV’s (Special Purspose Vehicles) – we cooperate with law offices providing services in jurisdictions such as Luxembourg, Cyprus, Seychelles, British Virgin Islands, Malta, Bahamas, Panama, Belize, Cayman Islands.
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