Choose outsourcing of the management board – delegate responsibilities and enjoy freedom!

If you are often abroad, travel or simply don’t have time to deal with all the responsibilities that belong to the Management Board, delegate management activities to professionals from ReadyMade.

Management Board for immediate rent

Outsourcing of the management board is most useful when your company has foreign shareholders, but domestic shareholders use this service as well. It involves full responsibility for the existence of the company, also personal and financial, it’s therefore advisable to entrust this task to the right people.

Your company in good hands

Using outsourcing of the management board, you gain time and freedom, because:

  • We assume all the responsibilities of the board – we are on the site, available and ready for action.
  • We represent the management board in all institutions, such as at a notary, court, offices, as well as any required meetings and while passing resolutions.
  • We control the operation of the company, and having all consultants and legal counselors, we make sure that everything goes your way.
  • We also provide services in the case of liquidation of the company, acting as liquidator.

The service is priced individually, depending on the scope of duties and responsibilities that are to be included in the service of the management board.

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