Administrative Support

Free your company from bureaucracy and take care of things more important for your business!

Company’s administrative outsourcing: from a stamp to authorizations and contacts with the authorities.

Do you want to reduce administrative costs in your company? You dislike visits to the offices? Do growing formalities in institutions such as Social Security, National Labour Inspectorate or Tax Office and the tendency to expand the bureaucracy irritate you?
Are you tired of the need to track legislation necessary for your company to act in accordance to the law? Or maybe you want to finally focus on developing your businesses and tasks that will bring it profit?

Delegate to specialists all administrative tasks to free the company from “paperwork” and focus on what is essential for your business!

If you entrust us with your company administrative outsourcing, as part of the standard services you’ll receive:

  • mediatingin obtaininga work permit,
  • assistancein obtaining aresidence card,
  • applying for NIP and Social Security (PESEL) numbers,
  • organization ofcurrent copies of the Commercial Registries and other records,
  • organization of certificates ofarrearsin the Taxand Social Security Office,
  • handling of all administrative matters.

Your additional benefits:

  • You save on the cost of administration – converting themfrom the fixed tovariable andmore flexible.
  • You have full control of expenses, as you settle an agreement on the principles determined in advance and to the extent that suits you.
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